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Some Tips About Russian Girls

You must always try to remember that Russian girls are not girls that come from other galaxy; they are only girls from another country.

Keeping this in your mind, you must not wait a different girl than a girl that live in your own country.
Perhaps you are familiar with the phrase?: Even the most beautiful woman cannot give more than she can give. So you cant expect from a young Russian girl a safe relationship with her, almost if you double her age. Please, take a minute to think what you will wait for from a young girl, of your own country? Young Russian girls are not different.

If you are searching for girls that desire only to stay at home cooking, taking care of the children, cleaning and waiting you, you are searching in the wrong place, mostly because Russian ladies are the dominate force in a classic Russian family. So remember again dont wait biggest change in her thoughts or lifestyle.

Once she learns to speak and understand your country language, she will be more familiarized with the lifestyle of your country and she will be much different from most of the girls that live in your country. Russian women are the dominate force in the typical Russian family. Dont expect them to change completely during a plane ride as they fly to your country.

But this not the only thing to be aware about, because you also nee to be aware of how the Russian girl that will be your parent will maintain themselves, most if you are not millionaire.
Most of the girls of these countries had tolerated a lot of adversity, so they dont think in having very nice clothing.


Its also unusual for these girls a weekly session in a coiffure salon even less a manicure or pedicure session weekly.
Most Russian girls have a good education and good skills.

When you are in the phase of speaking with her by phone or by chat, perhaps sometimes she will seem as a little slow, and perhaps you will think that she is not understanding what are you saying but or even you will think that she is not telling you the truth. But not believe this always. This happens because some of the thing that you say to her is new for her or because some words could have other meanings and she must think and understand you.

Remember always that they have a good education level and have the practice of learning new things quickly.

They have good memory so if you want to if you want to stay away from any kind of conflict in future, not lie or hide the truth to her.

For Russian girl, love is the essence of the soul.

Before you take the decision of bring her to you country, think carefully. Can you pay for a second car, health and other thinks that she will need to live with you?

It is easier to date Russian women than American, not because they have lower self-esteem or lower expectations, but because they don’t impose all their desires and expectations on the men. Russian women are patient to wait when you will ‘ripe’ and they are much happier with that. Speaking about marriage, Russian girls are not hung up about this. Most of the Russian girls cherish the idea of sharing their lives with someone special, creating strong, harmonious family and raising children, even if this will prevent them from further development on career ladder. Family is paramount for Russian girls; they are raised with this ‘conventional’ family values.


So being serious towards a Russian lady is your great advantage. Many American women are concerned with their career growth and some of them even don’t want to become wives and mothers. Even when they marry, American girls have some priorities that go above the things that are good for the family. Feminism doesn’t play the last role here.


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